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Janów Podlaski Stud, 16-19 of August, 2013



1.              The present Regulations (hereinafter referred to as „the REGULATIONS”) were issued in accordance with the provisions of the Mass Events Safety Act published as of March 20th, 2009 (hereinafter referred to as "the Act") and in accordance with the articles of the Polish Civil Code.

2.              The Regulations were issued by the Orgiznizer of the Event: POLTURF Barbara Mazur, with its main seat in Warsaw, 02-681, Al. Wyścigowa 4-B/84, hereinafter referred to as „the Organizer”.

3.              The Regulations are addressed to all persons who during the Event shall be present on the premises, where the Event shall be held. Each person present on the Premises of the Event shall be obliged to comply with the provisions of the Regulations.

4.              The aim of the Regulations is to ensure safety of the Event by defining the rules of behaviour of persons present at the Event and of their use of the area where the Event is held, as well as their use of the facilities situated on the Premises of the Event.

3.              The terms used hereinafter, shall mean the following:

a)             "Security Service" shall denote the persons appointed by the Organizer, including the employees of the security agency, carrying the ID badges to ensure safety of the persons participating in the Event. The members of the Security Service shall display the ID badges in a visible place, and the badges shall include the name of the issuer, the identification number and a photograph, date of validity, stamp and signature of the issuer.

b)             "The Premises of the Event" shall denote the area of Janów Podlaski Stud, where the Event shall be held, or any other area where the Event may be moved because of important reasons which shall be announced to the public before the Event.

c)             "The Participant of the Event" shall denote a person taking part in the Event.



6.              The admission to the premises of the Event requires payment and is granted only to the persons who have a valid ticket, which is valid for one person only and does not allow bringing children or accompanying persons to the Premises of the Event.

7.              It is strictly forbidden to bring or carry the following items during the Event:

a)             weapons or other dangerous items;

b)             explosives,

c)             pyrotechnic devices

d)             flammable materials

e)             alcoholic beverages,

f)              beverages in plastic, glass or metal containers eg. cans, bottles

g)             intoxicants or psychoactive drugs,

The decision whether the items are dangerous or not rests upon the Security Service.

8.              Moreover, it is forbidden to bring dogs and other animals to the Premises of the Event and to conduct, without the Organizer's consent, any trading or other commercial activity on the Premises of the Event.

9.              The Organizer does not provide the deposit of items, which cannot be brought to or carried during the Event.

10.            The Organizer of the Event can refuse the admission to or presence at the Event to persons:

a) being under visible influence of alcohol, intoxicants or psychoactive drugs or other substances with similar effect;

b) carrying weapons or other dangerous items, materials, devices, beverages, agents or substances;

c) acting aggressively, provocatively or in any other way which might threaten the safety and order of the Event;

11.            Whoever brings in or carries at the Event weapons, other dangerous items, explosives, pyrotechnic products or flammable materials, is subject to the penalty of arrest or confinement.

12.            The Participants of the Event and any other persons, who shall be present on the Premises of the Event are obliged to comply with the instructions of the Security Service, including the security manager. The refusal to comply with these instructions is only allowed, if they are contradictory to the generally binding law.

13.            Underage persons can participate in the Event only provided that they have a valid ticket. An underage person can be a Participant of the Event only under supervision and on the responsiblity of an adult person.

14.            The Organizer shall not be held liable for any possessions left on the Premises of the Event.



15.            The Organizer ensures safety to the persons present at the Premises of the Event and order for the duration of the Event by:

a)             Security and Information Service, whose members shall be distinguishable by elements of clothing;

b)             Appointing a Security Manager, who supervises the Security Service, and the organizes their work;

c)             providing medical assistance and sanitary facilities;

16.            The Organizer reserves the right to record the course of the Event, in particular persons' behaviour, by means of recording devices.

17.            The Organizer shall also record the course of the Event for documentary, advertising and marketing the purposes in order to promote the future editions of the Event, the Organizer or the Sponsors. The recorded image of people present on the Premises of the Event may be published and subsequently distributed for documentary, reporting or advertising and promotional purposes.

18.            The Organizer divides the Premises of the Event into the following zones:

a)             the technical/social premises

b)             the stand – seated places,

c)             main entrance units,

d)             Emergency Services area

19.            The Organizer provides fire safety by ensuring that:

a)             the service staff, Security Service and the Organizer must know the location of basic fire fighting equipment and fire hydrants as well as fire emergency procedures;

b)             Security Service must be trained as far as the evacuation procedures, methods of alerting Fire Services, procedures with standard basic fire fighting equipment and first-aid are concerned.

20.            The Organizer reserves the right to set and change the course of the Event due to justifiable reasons, like force majeure, and moreover to set and change the program in terms of artistic content and the timing without any prior consultation or financial compensation.

21.            The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Event without any prior notification, in which case the Organizer shall not be obliged to pay any compensation because of this, except for the return of the amount paid for the ticket.


22.            The members of the Security Service, displaying their ID badges in a visible place, under the provisions of the Act, are entitled to:

a)             check the rights of persons to participate in the Event;

b)             check the personal identification documents of the Participants in order to verify their identity;

c)             inspect the contents of a person's bags and clothes if suspicion arises, that these persons bring in or carry dangerous items;

d)             give safety instructions to persons disturbing the peace or acting against the Regulations of mass events, and in case their instructions are not carried out – remove them from the Premises of the Event;

e)             use physical force in the form of incapacitating holds and similar defense techniques in case the property they were entrusted with shall be in danger or to repulse the attack on a member of Security Service or another person, in accordance with the provisions of article 38 of Persons and Property Protection Act as of August 22nd, 1997 (Journal of Laws, issue 114, entry 740 with amendments).

f)              apprehend, in order to immediately hand over to the Police, persons threatening the life and health of other persons as well as the protected property.

23.            Security Service may issue their own safety and fire Regulations in accordance with the provisions of the binding law.

24.            All vehicles parked at the premises of the Event beforehand as well as during the Event, which do not display a valid parking permit allowing them to enter the Premises of the Event and park at the designated parking lots, shall be removed at the expense of the owner of the vehicle.



25.            Complaints shall be filed in writing, within 14 days from the Event at the latest, to the following mailing address of the Organizer:

POLTURF Barbara Mazur, Al. Wyścigowa 4-B/84, 02-681 Warsaw, POLAND

26.            The Organizer shall consider the complaint within 21 days from the day of its delivery to the Orgznizer by registered post. The person filing the complaint is obliged to keep the registered letter confirmation notice.




27.            These Regulations are available:

a)             in the Organizer's seat (pt. 25)

b)             at the website

28.            any correspondence to the Organizer shall be addressed to the address mentioned in pt. 25 in writing, by registered post.

29.            In the matters not defined by the Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.



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