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The VIP card provides you with free entrance and reserved seats at the Show and Sale in the VIP sector, both Show and Sale catalogues, reserved car parking space (if needed), as well as all services marked (VIP) in the Program of Events in Janów Podlaski during 16-18th of August 2013 only. The VIP card service does not include the Post Sale Tour, which is reserved separately. The reserved VIP cards are subject to collection upon your arrival at the Reception booth.

The number of VIP cards is limited.

We offer hotel accommodation in the area of Janów Podlaski for guests who reserve the VIP card - for more information please check the Reservation Form below.

To order a VIP card you can download the reservation form (pdf file below) or make your reservation through the internet (please, use the link below):

→ reservation form - pdf file

Please download and print the reservation form, fill it out in printed letters and:
- fax it to our office: +48 22 857 76 47 or
- send as a scan by email:

The Guests of Arabian Horse days 2012 will be taken care of by two reputable companies: Polonia Palace Hotel and Belvedere Restaurant

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