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Michałów State Stud has been breeding purebred Arabian horses for more then fifty five years. With over 100 broodmares and 400 Arabians at the stud, Michałów is the largest Arabian facility in Poland, and is considered one of the largest and most prestigious farms in Europe, not to mention the entire globe. At present, Michałów still operates as a subsidiary of the Agriculture Property Agency of the State Treasury in Warsaw. 
Michałów is situated in the Holy Cross Mountain (Świętokrzyskie) province of Poland, nestled in a beautiful and bountiful region known as "Ponidzie", between the well-known Pińczów and Wodzisław glacial crests. Just 45 km south of Kielce, 230 km south of Warsaw and 100 km north of Kraków, Michałów lies within the crux of authentic "Old Poland" - the ancient capital of Wiślica is found just 25 km to the northeast of the stud, where civilization thrived under Christian rule a century before Mieszko I was crowned as the first Polish King in 966. 

Michałów is well known for the Stud's characteristic white stone stables, built in 1960's from limestone quarried in nearby Pińczów. Built together in a compact, well-designed unit, these stables are ideally suited for horse breeding. 
As a result of its unique valley location, Michałów enjoys a very specific microclimate, with low annual rainfall, shallow topsoil, high soil calcium levels and dry, arid conditions perfect for the maturation of hay and pasture - in other words, as near as authentic desert conditions as is possible in Europe for raising Arabian horses. Michałów also breeds rare Appaloosa (leopard)-patterned Małopolska sporthorses, as well as a small group of Shetland ponies. 


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