Breeder, owner: Michałów Stud

PASB Vol. XIV/IV p.71

grey mare

Date of birth: 7th of February, 2000

Measurements: 151 - 171 - 17,8 cm

Sire line: Saklawi I (Ali Pasha Sherif) 1886 Egypt

Dam line: Szweykowska 1800 Sławuta


grey, 1996

Ariela Arabians (IL)


bay, 1991
Michałów Stud
1/3 (0-2-0-1)


grey, 1982
D.W. & B.A. Griffith 


grey, 1977
J. McCracken 


bay, 1981
Janów Podlaski Stud
2/13 (5-5-1-1) 2


bay, 1973
Michałów Stud
1/2 (1-0-0-0)

Ansata Imperial


Ibn Moniet El Nefous




El Paso


Ansata Ibn Sudan

Ansata Delilah


Romanaa II


Moniet El Nefous

Ansata Ibn Halima

Asal Sirabba

El Azrak








Racing record:

2003 7 starts: 1xI, 1xII, 1xIII, 1xIV

Show record:

2001 Junior Spring Show Champion Filly & Best in Show - Białka (PL)
2002 Class Top Five (Fillies 2 yo) at the Junior Spring Show - Białka (PL)
2009 Class Top Five (Mares 7-10 yo) at the Polish National Show - Janów Podlaski (PL)

Breeding record:

2005 filly WIEŻA SNÓW (Emigrant) chestnut, 2/17 (0-5-6-1), Top Five in class (Yearling Fillies) at the following shows in 2006: Junior Spring Show - Białka (PL), Polish National Show - Janów Podlaski (PL), at the Stud
2006 filly WYŻYNA (Galba) grey, unraced, sold in Poland
2007 filly WIEŻA MILCZENIA (Ganges) chestnut, unraced, at the Stud
2008 filly WIEŻA RÓŻ (Ekstern) chestnut, 2009 Junior Spring Show Top Five Filly - Białka (PL), 2009 Polish National Champion Filly - Janów Podlaski (PL), in racing training
2010 filly WIEŻA BAŚNI (Ekstern) grey, at the Stud
2011 a filly by Pegasus


Breeding status:

bred to ESPARTO


Wieża Babel translates to “the Tower of Babel”, the traditional symbol of pride. However contrary to the biblical monument, symbolizing unjustified complacence, Wieża Babel is truly a pinnacle achievement from the barns of Michałów Stud, bearing a plethora of evidence to back up this notion.
A champion show horse, capable athlete and extraordinary producer descending from one of Michałów’s most venerated bloodlines – Wieża Babel delivers all it all in one elegant package. She is a Junior Spring Show Champion & Best in Show from Białka, besting future World Champion GALILEA, as well as winner and/or class Top Three finalist from multiple events, including the Polish Nationals, where she was regularly recognized with top notes for her flying movement and total scores greatly exceeding the 90 point mark.
Wieża Babel has bequeathed her superior traits to her exceptional daughters: WIEŻA RÓŻ (Tower of Roses) – Polish National Junior Champion & Junior Spring Show Top Five; and WIEŻA SNÓW (Tower of Dreams) – 2nd in class at the Junior Spring Show, garnering a full set of “20s” for movement.
The “Tower of Babel” is out of the Junior Spring Show Champion WIAŹMA, a quintessential Kuhailan broodmatron and indisputably the best daughter of her sire ARBIL and US National Champion dam WIZJA. Wiaźma’s exceptional breeding career encompasses not only Wieża Babel, but also WIEŻA WIATRÓW (Tower of Winds) – Junior Spring Show Champion & Best in Show, Polish National Junior Reserve Champion, World Top Ten and Pride of Poland top-seller at 220 thousand dollars; and WIEŻA MARZEŃ (Tower of Daydreams) – a Polish Nationals class winner. 
This incomparable legacy of WIZJA’s damline is further amplified by the Egyptian heritage of Wieża Babel’s sire LAHEEB. This multi-international champion and one of the most influential straight-Egyptian sires in the world has proved an unparallel success as an outcross to Polish damlines. The value of his get extends further than just their champion titles from the show arena, as his sons and daughters are renowned for their exceptional siring and producing abilities - an appreciation which is reflected in the prices achieved by those offered via the Janów Podlaski Sales.
As one of the most valuable broodmares of the 2011 Pride of Poland collection, Wieża Babel is sure to become a foundation upon which a new dynasty of “Towers of Greatness” will be built.