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Racing record:

Breeding record:
2005    colt FORT WILLIAM (Wiliam) bay, in racing training
2007    filly FRYGANA (Europejczyk) chest., at the Stud
2008   a colt by Al Maraam, at the Stud

Breeding status:
bred to
(last service on 3rd of May)

An exciting offer as the very first Polish-bred daughter of SAMSHEIK to be available at public auction, Fukara is an exceptional broodmare in the prime of her life, boasting an immensely desirable athletic pedigree and phenotype to match – perfectly conformed with ideal balance and proportion, well defined muscular substance, clean wonderfully designed limbs, length, strength and proper slope through the shoulder and quarter, with a short coupled level topline. Her sire SAMSHEIK was a tremendously gifted racehorse, winner of 14 races and a track record setter in Delaware Park, which has not been beaten until this day. The most expensive Arabian race horse of his time, he proved to be worth every penny, having sired a large number of track winners. SAMSHEIK’s athletic ability and genetic potential are without a doubt the gifts of his sire SAMBOR, a Janów Podlaski-born stallion, descending from the stud’s famous “S” family of racers known for having produced seven continuous generations of Derby & Oaks winners, named 1969 US National Champion Racehorse and one of the most influential sires in the history of Arabian racing. Beside SAMSHEIK his best get includes SAM TIKI – a 3-year-old Darley Race Champion and sire, with progeny earnings exceeding $2,2 million. These achievements made SAMSHEIK the ideal breeding candidate for a member of the FORTA family, widely renown for producing hardy, valiant and athletically gifted horses. Dam of Derby winners CZORT & EQUIFOR and Oaks-winning daughters DYSKA & FATMA, who established their own highly acclaimed sublines. FATMA herself is the dam of World, European & Polish National Champion FAWOR, as well as the progenitor of Canadian, Polish National Champion and World Reserve Champion FALLADA, sires FANATYK & FERRYT, stake winners FUKSJA (Sasanka St.), FIOŁEK (Janów Podlaski – Arabian Produce & Criterium St.), FISZKA (Białka St. & Oaks) and FORINT (Europa Cup), as well as show winners FORTISSIMA (Polish National Champion) & Fukara’s half-brother – Polish National & Swedish Champion FURIAT. With such an outstanding heritage of accomplishment Fukara is the logical choice for the leading breeding programs focused on racing talent and world-class performance ability.





Racing record:
2003-2004   16 starts: 2xI, 2xII, 1xIII, 4xIV

Breeding record:
2007   filly PALENCJA (Poganin) chest., at the Stud
2008   colt PAROMON (Poganin) grey, at the Stud

Breeding status:
Bred to
(last service on 7th of March)

A pearl from the Janów Podlaski family of PARMA, Parola emanates world-class quality and refinement, superior type and feminine charm. PARMA, Parola’s great-granddam, one of the most significant broodmares in the history of Polish bree­ding, having given an incredible number of 21 foals, including five international champions and sires of considerable merit: European & Polish National Reserve Champion PARTNER, World Cup & Polish National Champion PAMIR, German Reserve Champion PASAT, Brazilian Champion POLONEZ and Polish National & Swedish Champion and World Reserve Champion PARYS. PARMA’s daughters carry on her maternal legacy: PARTYTURA – dam of Bask & Wielki Szlem St. winner PARAD, PARAFRAZA – dam of Derby St. winner PADUS and Sasanka St. winner PASIMA; and PARTITA – dam of Criterium, Wielki Szlem & Kabaret St. winner PARAGON and Embargo & Figaro St. winner PARSIFAL, as well as PARA­NA – dam of Parola. PARANA’s genetic heritage is further amplified by that of her Blommeröd-bred sire PROBAT, one of the most influential sires in the history of the modern Polish breeding program. On Polish soil PROBAT truly thrived, blessing the breed with Polish National and international champions, racetrack starts and future chief sires: FAWOR, GIL, ENRILO, ALEGRO, PIRUET, BORYSŁAW, PAMIR and ZŁOTOGŁóW, as well as supreme broodmatrons: DALIDA – dam of phenomenal racing champion DRUID; FANABERIA – dam of Canadian & Polish National Champion & World Reserve Champion FALLADA; EUTERPE – dam of Polish National Junior & Senior Champion EULA; PESTKA – dam of extraordinary broodmares POHULANKA (dam of Polish National Champion POGANIN) and PEPESZA (dam of chief sires PER­SEUSZ & PEGASUS); DĄBROWA – dam of Israeli Champion DUMKA; Polish National Champion GASKONIA – dam of multi champions GASPAR & GRAFIK; and ALGORA – dam of chief sires ASLAN & ALWARO. As if that was not enough, Parola is sired by the legendary EUKALIPTUS, whose daughters have created a standard of excellence both as show and more importantly prolific broodmares, suffice to mention: EMANACJA – dam of EMILDA, EMANDA, EMANOR, EMPIRYKA; EMFAZA – dam of EMPRE­SSA; EMIGRANTKA – dam of EL DORADA, EMIGRANT, EDEON, EL MUNDO; PIANOSA – dam of PIANISSIMA; PANIKA – dam of PALANGA; ESKLAWA – dam of ERBIL; EKSPOZYCJA – dam of ESPARTO; ERLANDA – dam of ELANDRA; FIFA – dam of FARAULA J. With such superb cre­dentials from both sides of the pedigree there’s no limit to what Parola can offer the next generations.





Racing record:
2004   5 starts: 1xIII, 2xIV

Breeding record:
2006   filly EFIGENIA (Perseusz) grey, at the Stud
2007   colt ESTERON (Salar) grey, at the Stud
2008   a colt by Pegasus, at the Stud

Breeding status:
bred to
 (last service on 20th of April)

Displaying an athletic structure, set in large frames, substantially built, well-muscled, with a strong capacious body, ample girth and smooth topline with pro­perly conformed limbs and feet, Estrelia is an engaging daughter of PAMIR, the personification of the Polish breeding program, which strives for beauty and stamina in one package. Proving that beauty and brawn can indeed go hand in hand, PAMIR first showed his potential as an incredible athlete and winner of five races, including most coveted blue Derby ribbon which earned him the title of Racehorse of the Year, to later dazzle an international jury panel with his stunning looks, giving the judges no choice but to award him with the titles of World Cup & Polish National Champion. Back at the breeding barn he secured his position as a chief sire gifting the breed with Polish National Champion & Derby winner BATYSKAF, Derby winner GAFAL, Koheilan I St. winner ALPAR, Michałów St. winner FEDAIN & Derby, Koheilan I & Criterium St. winner GEPARD, Sabellina St. winner KANASTA, & DECYZJA – dam of Derby winner DON CARLOS. PAMIR’s extraordinary ability to leave a lasting input on future generations runs in the family, as he is one of five international champion sires out of the Tersk-bred legendary broodmatron PARMA. This dam of an incredible number of 21 foals beside PAMIR also nursed to stardom German Reserve Champion PASAT, European & Polish National Reserve Champion PARTNER, Polish National & Swedish Champion and World Reserve Champion PARYS and Brazilian Champion POLONEZ. PAMIR’s credentials are further backed up by the distaff side of the pedigree, as Estrelia’s great-granddam ELLORA was the dam of the 1 million dollar horse and US National Champion EL PASO, as well as Polish National Champion ELEWACJA. Ellora’s dam, ELZA, created an immensely important and “E” line of exquisite champions and cherished breeding horses in Janów Podlaski through granddaughter ETNA, one of their most beloved broodmatrons. Her roster of substantial produce includes multi champions ETERNIT, ETIW & ETAN and esteemed daughters EQUITANA, Polish National Champion, and the ethereal ETRURIA, one of Director Krzyształowicz’s favorite broodmares. A WAHO Trophy recipient for an outstanding representative of the Arabian breed, twice World and Polish National Champion ETRURIA further confirmed the family’s genetic potential with the likes of champion sires ETOGRAM, ETMAN & ECAHO, as well as daughter ESPARCETA, also dam of three significant sires: ESPADERO, EKSPORT & ESCULAP. Expect Estrelia to continue the family tradition of delivering only the finest quality offspring.





Racing record:
2004   1 start

Breeding record:
2007   filly EPOLETA (El Nabila B) grey, at the Stud
2008   filly ESPARTA (Poganin) grey, at the Stud

Breeding status:
bred to POGANIN (last service on 2nd of May)

A wonderfully made, harmoniously designed mare sporting a combination of the best Janów bloodlines, Epoka may very well be the best kept secret of the Pride of Poland 2008. Sired by PILOT, Polish National, UK & Blommeröd Champion, son of the immortal PIPI, Epoka has inherited the hallmark features of Janów Podlaski’s famous “P” line – feminine elegance & subtleness, a refined head with 
a delicate tapering muzzle, deep round jowls, neatly shaped ears, stellar confor­mation, muscular balanced built, clean, desert dry limbs and a long, purposeful stride – characteristics she shares with the family’s best produce, a whole cast of National, International, World and European Champions – PENITENT, PEPTON, PEPI, PENICYLINA, PEKTYNA, PERTURBACJA, PRADO, POGANIN, PORTO, PERSEUSZ, PEGASUS, POLIFONIA, PERFIDIA, PEREŁKA, PERSENKóWKA, PERM, PETARDA, PIRUET, PILARKA, PIECHUR, PIANOLA, PIPI, PILAR, PINGA, PIZARRO, PIAFF, PILOT, PISTACJA, PIKARDIA, PALMETA, PIANOSA & the incomparable, US and Triple-Crowned Champion PIANISSIMA. Tail female, Epo­ka derives from family founder ETNA, a Janów Podlaski broodmatron of great merit. Dam of an incredible number of 14 foals, a personal favorite of Director Andrzej Krzyształowicz and one of the elite mares that remained in Poland throughout her lifetime, despite years of persistent and enticing offers from breeders around the world, ETNA is best known for her daughters – Polish National Champion EQUITANA and the ethereal ETRURIA, twice World & Polish National Champion, as well as the recipient of the WAHO Trophy, she has blessed the breed with Polish National Champions and chief sires ECAHO and ETOGRAM, while her daughter followed this grand tradition producing another group of exquisite chief sires – multi-stake winner ESPADERO, Brazilian Champion EKSPORT & ESCULAP. Ideally blending the immeasurable influence of Janów’s legendary matrons PIPI, EUNICE, and ETNA, Epoka is destined to succeed as a producer of exquisite future generations, as seen in her 2008 delightful filly by Poganin.





Racing record:
2001   3 starts: 1xII, 1xIII

Breeding record:
2003   colt EDIBEY (Gazal Al Shaqab) grey, 1/2 (0-0-0-1), gelded, exported to Germany
2004   filly EWIA (Gazal Al Shaqab) bay, unraced, sold in Poland
2005   colt EWILEND (Eldon) grey, in racing training
2006   colt EVIPAN (Galba) bay, at the Stud
2007   filly EWISTUNA (Al Maraam) grey, at the Stud
2008   a filly by Ekstern, at the Stud

Breeding status:
bred to
(last service on 18th of March)

A consistent producer, beautiful and abounding in maternal elegance, Ewina repre­sents the unparalleled success of the Michałów breeding program through both sire and dam. Perfect balance, harmony of proportion, a deep barrel, model level topline, abundant strength and substance are all obvious traits of her sire, as Ewina is a premier daughter of WOJ­SŁAW, Polish National Champion and an international sire of significance, consistently stamping his get with abundant athletic qualities and impeccable looks, as seen in DRUID - the most phenomenal racehorse of the 90s, Derby, twice Criterium, twice Europa Cup, Arabian Produce, Koheilan I, Sambor, Ofir, Kabaret & Figaro St. winner, Janów Podlaski Sale high-seller for $500,000 to Turkey and EMANOR - Polish National and multi US & Canadian Champion Stallion. The secret of WOJSŁAW’s genetic potential lies in his family line, that of the celebrated Michałów matron WILEJKA, Polish National Champion and progenitor of exquisite athletes – WILIAM, proudly bearing the title of “vanquisher of DRUID” and a winner of 8 races from 10 starts, including the Europejczyk, Sambor, Criterium, Arabian Produce, Derby & Kurozęki St.; and racing sensation WIENERVA – triumphant in the Europejczyk, Białka, Sambor, Ofir, twice Kurozwęki, twice Michałów & Criterium Stakes. WILEJKA’s full sister WIZ­JA, US National Champion, was considered by many to be the perfect mare, passing that perfection on to daughter WIAŹMA, Junior Spring Show Champion, and her offspring – WIEŻA BABEL, Junior Spring Show Cham­pion & WIEŻA WIATRóW, Junior Spring Show Champion Filly, Polish National Reserve Champion Filly and Pride of Poland 2002 high-seller at $220,000. The heritage of WOJSŁAW is backed up by the supreme qualities of the family of the mare ELA, responsible for such names in the hall of fame as EKINA, EMIKA, ELOIDA, ELART, ESKADRA, EDINA, EDIN, ESPARTERO, EMESA, EMERYK & ELDON, as well as stake winners ERIS, EMOS, ELBERT, EJBAR, ELIOP, EUNOS, ERGO & EROTOMAN. With an impressive athletic background and esteemed heritage Ewina represents the perfect blending of pedigree and exemplary exterior expected of the best Arabian mares of Poland.





Racing record:
2005   5 starts: 1xIV

Breeding record:
2007   filly ENERYDA (Poganin) grey, at the Stud
2008   a colt by Al Maraam, at the Stud

Breeding status:
bred to LAHEEB (last service on 18th of May)

An opportunity experienced breeders will not want to miss – a chance to secure 
a mare out of a full sister to EKSTERN, the undisputed King of the Ring, Polish National & Babolna International Champion Colt, Polish National, UK Interna­tional, All Nations Cup, European & World Champion Stallion, as well as Inter­national Tulip Cup & Mercedes Diamond Cup Champion and only daughter of ERNESTYNA. The distinctive features that earned EKSTERN his coveted titles are also evident in Emeeria – superior breed type, a broad forehand and a strong level croup, magnetic presence, indomitable cha­risma, enthusiastic tail carriage and an explosive, animated trot. This incredible phenotype resulted from a perfect blending of MONOGRAMM, who made a name for himself on Polish soil with show ring dazzlers KWESTURA, FALLADA, ZAGROBLA, ELANDRA, EKSCELLA, ESKALOPKA, ETENTA, GEORGIA, KOR­DELAS, EGZONERA, EMBRA, EMOCJA, PALMIRA, ESPADRILLA and EMMO­NA, with Michałów’s world-renowned “E” family of champions, whose brightest stars include EMANACJA, EL DORADA, EMIGRACJA, EMIGRANT, ESPA­DRILLA, EMANDA, EMANDORIA, EMANOR, EMILDA, EMMONA, EMBRA, EMIRA, EKSCELLA, ELLADA, EMISJA, EJRENE, EKSTAZA, ESKLAWA, ERBIL, EMPRESSA, EMROD, ESTEBNA, ELKANA, ENDEL and ESPARTO. The heritage of this incredible array of accomplished achievers is further enhanced by the ANGOR, twice Polish National Reserve Champion, a rare gene pool from the line of WILGA. ANGOR’S dam, ANGOLA, was crowned Polish National Champion & Masters Open Reserve Champion, while her other produce includes Polish National & Spring Show Champion ANE­GDOTA, Belgian Champion ANTWERPIA, Gieboldehausen Reserve Champion ANGLIA & ANDALUZJA – dam of Polish National Champion and European Top Five ALERT. As EKSTERN gains more and more acclaim as a sire of merit, expect broodmares from his dam line to become a hugely sought after commodity, especially ones as dazzling as Emeeria.





Racing record:
2007   4 starts: 1xIV

Breeding status:
Bred to
(last service on 19th of February)

A regally bred youngster from Janów Podlaski’s legendary dam line of BAŁAŁAJKA, Bałaguła evidently embodies the definite traits of the Polish Arabian mare – emanating with charisma and feminine charm, substantial size and structure, stellar conformation, gracefully designed neck, chiseled head of ideal proportion with large, liquid eyes, combined with sweeping movement and 
a proud tail carriage. The culprit of her femininity is the “Pride of Białka”, multi-champion PESAL, known for siring exquisite broodmares, all which inherit his noble presence, exotic head, enormous eyes, athletic conformation and dynamic powerful movement. Universally recognized as one of the best get of his sire, European & Polish National Reserve Champion PARTNER, PESAL is the result of an ideal blending of two of Poland’s most meritorious “P” bloodlines – that of the Tersk bred PARMA and PIEWICA. PARMA’s input into the world of Arabian horse breeding are “merely” five chief national and international champion sires, namely PASAT, PAMIR, PARYS, POLONEZ & PARTNER, while PIEWICA established herself as the foundation mare of Janów’s most numerous and accomplished family, whose list of champions grows with each year and up to now includes Polish, US, World, European and international champions in the likes of: PENITENT, PEPTON, PEPI, PENICYLINA, PEKTYNA, PERTURBACJA, PRADO, POGANIN, PORTO, PERSEUSZ, PEGASUS, POLIFONIA, PERFIDIA, PEREŁKA, PERSENKóWKA, PERM, PETARDA, PIRUET, PILARKA, PIECHUR, PIANOLA, PIPI, PILAR, PINGA, PIZARRO, PIAFF, PILOT, PISTACJA, PIKARDIA, PALMETA, PIANOSA and US and Triple Crown incomparable champion PIANISSIMA. On the distaff side Bałaguła descends from the famed BAŁAŁAJKA, best known for gifting the breed with breed pillar BASK and foundation mare BANDOLA – in turn dam of Poland’s most influential stallion of the Post-War era BANDOS. Displaying tremendous potential as both a serious show horse and a valuable broodmare, Bałaguła may very well be the pearl of this year’s Pride of Poland – don’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on her legendary heritage.





Racing record:
2001   7 starts: 1xI, 2xII, 1xIII, 2xIV, 1xV

Breeding record:
2003   filly ELIMEJA (Gazal Al Shaqab) bay, 1/2 (1-0-0-0), broodmare at Michałów Stud
2005   colt EKTIBAR (Wachlarz) bay, exported to Czech Republic
2006   colt ELLOT (Wachlarz) dark bay, at the Stud
2007   filly ELLUA (Al Maraam) bay, at the Stud
2008   a filly by Al Maraam, at the Stud

Breeding status:
bred to
ERYKS (last service on 27th of May)

An engaging, proven producer in the prime of her life, ELLANDA originates from Michałów’s most coveted family of ESTOKADA. Her distaff side is a successive line of three generations of Polish National Champions: ELLADA – EMIGRACJA – EMISJA. EMIGRACJA, a living legend at Michałów Stud, has already established her own dynasty known worldwide as the ‘E” family of national and international champions, which has sprouted names known to every Arabian horse enthusiast in the likes of ETENTA, EMIGRANTKA, EDEON, EMIGRANT, EL DORADA, ERALD, ERLANDA, ELANDRA, EJRENE, EMILIUSZ, EMANACJA, ESPADRILLA, EMANDA, EMANDORIA, EMPIRYKA, EMANOR, EMILDA, EMMONA, EMBRA, ERYKS & EMIRA. The features which earned them their titles are also evident in Ellanda – considerable height, with a tremendously long neck, good length of leg, prominent withers and good depth of girth, exceptional and substantial proportion, plentiful of charisma and wonderfully feminine. A hardy athlete and a warrior at the racetrack, Ellanda was never out of the money in all her starts, a trait which she definitely inherited from her sire WOJSŁAW, Polish National Champion, All Scandi­navian Reserve Champion, revered as the best son of the most cherished WILEJKA and an international sire of racing legends, as well as versatile and accomplished show ring champions, he is best known for giving the breed: Polish National and multi US & Canadian Champion Stallion EMA­NOR and the most phenomenal racehorse of the 90s, Derby, twice Crite­rium, twice Europa Cup, Arabian Produce, Koheilan I, Sambor, Ofir, Kabaret & Figaro St. winner, Janów Podlaski Sale high-seller for $500,000 to Turkey – DRUID. The daughters of WOJSŁAW are equally as accomplished and proving themselves ever more valuable as the successful source of compe­titive talent, the likes of which include: Oaks & Sabellina St. winner SALSA, Oaks winner ESTELKA and Sasanka St. winners EQVIDA & FU­KSJA. Very rarely does a mare of this caliber, still young enough to win in the show ring and produce the majority of her offspring for her new owner, become available. Don’t miss this opportunity to share in the extraordinary success of her heritage.





Racing record:

Breeding record:
2008 a colt by Pilin Psyche, at the Stud

Breeding status:
bred to ETNODRONS PSYCHE (last service on 9th of May)
As her name suggests, Bellissima is a lovely, enchanting young mare, with 
a splendidly chiseled head of excellent proportion, prominent jibbah, exotic appeal and luminous dark eyes, a highly set lean neck of considerable length, a smooth, harmonious design and refined desert charm – traits which she definitely inherited from her sire EKSTERN, an undisputed King of the Ring, victorious on the show arena nine times out of nine showings. Not surprising, considering that EKSTERN is a son of the remarkable MONOGRAMM, who more than fulfilled his stud duties while on lease to Poland, gifting the breed with KWESTURA, GANGES, FERNANDO, FALLADA, ZAGROBLA, ELANDRA, ESKALOPKA, ETENTA, GEOR­GIA, EGZONERA, EMBRA, EMOCJA, PALMIRA, EKSCELLA, ESPADRILLA & EMMONA. Not be overshadowed by MONOGRAMM, the Polish dam lines offered nothing but the best genotypes, as was the case with EKSTERN’s world-renowned “E” family of Michałów champions, a roster including: EMANACJA, EL DORADA, EMIGRACJA, EMIGRANT, ESPADRILLA, EMANDA, EMANDORIA, EMANOR, EMILDA, EMMONA, EMBRA, EMIRA, EKSCELLA, ELLADA, EMI­SJA, EJRENE, EKSTAZA, ESKLAWA, ERBIL, EMPRESSA, EMROD, ESTEBNA, ELKANA, ENDEL & ESPARTO. Tail female, Bellissima stems from the legendary broodmatron BAŁAŁAJKA, famed for producing chief sires, including BASK – one of the pillars of the breed, BANDOS – the most important sire in Post-War Poland, UK National Champion BANAT, Polish National Champion BALON, as well as BANIO, BAJRAM & BANZAJ. BAŁAŁAJKA’s dam line was prolonged by her two exquisite daughters – ARFA, from whom stem champions ARBIL, ARGO, ARARAT, ARRA, ALDARA, ARRAS & ARGEN­TYNA – and BANDOLA, the Queen of Poland, dam of the afore mentioned BANDOS and granddam to Polish National Reserve Champion BELIZA, in turn granddam of Bellissima, through her beautiful dark daughter BELLO­NA. Stunning looks and an impeccable pedigree make Bellissima an obvious choice for breeders not willing to settle for anything less than perfection.




Racing record:

Breeding record:
2005   colt AVALON (Ekstern) bay, in training
2006   colt AGAR (Ekstern) bay, at the Stud
2007   filly AGRARIA (Piruet) grey, at the Stud
2008   filly AGOSTINA (Eol) bay, at the Stud

Breeding status:
bred to
(last service on 21st of April)

A unique chance to get your hands on a descendant of the Queen of Janów, the illustrious ALGERIA. Agora bears a phenotypic resemblance to her famous an­cestor, with a dry, dished head set on a long, lean neck, set in large frames, well constructed and substantially made, athletically built, with an impressive depth of girth and correct, strong limbs that carry out a powerful, dynamic trot. ALGERIA, one of Director Krzyształowicz’s most beloved mares, was also known as the “the mare that lay golden eggs”, as her progeny went on to bring the stud more than one million dollars. Her coveted progeny included Dutch Champion ALEGRO, Spring Show/Best in Show & Polish National/Best in Show Champion ALBULA, Spring Show Champion ALGERINA, Polish National Reserve Champion ALMERIA, chief sires ALKAZAR & ALGIERCZYK and prized daughters ALGORA and ALBIGOWA – carrying on ALGERIA’s duties at their maternal stud, further gifting the breed with Polish National/Best in Show & Warsaw Summer Show/Best in Show Champion AMRA, Junior Spring Show Top Five ALABAMA, Polish National Reserve Champion ASLAN and Autumn Show Champion ALWARO – the latter both sired by EUKALIPTUS, making them full siblings to Agora’s dam – AGA. EUKA­LIPTUS, an exemplary Arabian specimen and Poland’s first ever National Champion, is known especially for his exquisite daughters, prized the world over by breeders not only for their superb looks which guarantee success on the show arena, but also for their achievements in the breeding barn, as seen in EMFAZA, European & Polish National Champion EMI­GRANTKA (dam of European & Polish National Champion EMIGRANT and multi-champion EL DORADA), European, Polish National & Blomme­röd Champion ESKLAWA (dam of Polish National Champion ERBIL), European, All Nations Cup & Polish National Champion EMANACJA (dam of European, UK & Polish National Champion EMILDA, US, Scottsdale & Polish National Champion EMANOR, World & All Nations Cup Champion EMANDA), Babolna International Chmapion & Poland National Reserve Champion ERLANDA (dam of Scottsdale Champion & US National Re­serve Champion ELANDRA), Junior Spring Show Champion & Polish National Reserve Champion PIANOSA (dam of the inimitable US National & Triple Crown winner PIANISSIMA) and the afore mentioned AMRA. Paternally, AGORA is the daughter of WACHLARZ, a worthy heir to ARBIL and BANAT, continuators of the precious line of Krzyżyk. WACHLARZ’s dam line belongs to one of Michałów’s most esteemed families, that of WADERA, progenitor of significant names in the breed in the likes of show champions, brood­matrons and breeding sires, such as WILEJKA, WOJ­SŁAW, WIZJA, WIAŹMA, WENERA, WENEDA & WIEŻA WIATRóW. Having secured her maternal stud with two promising fillies and a  Junior Spring Show Top Five achiever in the likes of AGAR, Agora is ready to proudly continue the legacy of ALGERIA for her new owner for years to come.
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