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Janów Podlaski, 9th of August 2009

 The milestone achievement will be celebrated in 2009, with the Pride of Poland Auction commemorating its 40th anniversary. Many of the most legendary Arabians of the last half-century have graced the auction stage in Janów Podlaski: legacy sire BANDOS (1983), ethereal World Champion PILARKA (1990), and the unforgettable reigning World Champion KWESTURA, who shattered the record breaking price in 2008 at an astonishing 1.125 million Euro. The Pride of Poland is still the single best opportunity in the world to buy the most accomplished mares and stallions with centuries of proven genetics. From the seasoned veteran to the future star - there is something for everyone in the annual Pride of Poland collection.

The companion Selection Sale (former Silent Sale) ha had its fair share of success in the past as well. Legendary performers and international sires of influence WIKING and EL GHAZI were both Silent Sale purchasers under $30.000 each. Discerning buyers from around the globe know that there are always a handful of hidden gems to be found each year.

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