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After the excitement of Polish Nationals and the Pride of Poland Auction, the tour of the State Studs is a welcome respite. The tradition of excellence that defines Poland is most fully realized during the Breeding Parades at each of the State Studs. The depth and breadth of quality within the broodmare bands is truly astounding – to enjoy generations of success in one visit is the privilege of a lifetime. Walking amongst the mares and foals, reaching out to stroke an admired stallion, turning the corner in the spacious, improbably peaceful stables to discover a beloved old friend or a “take–your–breath-away” icon, the omniscient serenity in the soft dark eyes of the venerated matron, the effervescent energy of the young filly with a destiny of greatness to fulfill – these are the moments that forever change you, moments that inspire you to be and to do more...

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