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21st JUNIOR SPRING SHOW at Białka Stud 4-5.06.2011

The show season in Poland starts in the late spring with the Junior Spring Show for Arabian Horses which takes place at Białka Stud.

The Show first took place in 1983 at the Łąck Stallion Depot. The next one was held 5 years later in 1988 at Białka Stud. Michałów Stud was the host of the Show during 1993-1996 and in 1997 the Show returned to Białka, where it has been held annually ever since.

Up until 2006, male winners of the Junior Spring Show were acknowledged with the title of Polish National Champion & Reserve Champion Colt. Beginning with 2007, the National Colt Championships will take place at the Polish National Arabian Horse Show at Janów Podlaski in August.

The Show currently consists of 6 classes:

Class I - Yearling colts
Class II - Two year old colts
Class III - Three year old colts
Class IV - Yearling fillies
Class V - Two year old fillies
Class VI - Three year old fillies

The winners and the second placed horses qualify for the Junior Spring Show Female & Male Championship. The Best in Show Horse is chosen from among the Champions. 


at Janów Podlaski Stud 18-19.06.2011

The Polish Championships (unofficial) are held in separate categories for junior and senior horses and they count as qualifications for Polish couples before the European Championships. The performance classes are as follows:

♦ Dressage
♦ Jumping
♦ Classic Pleasure 
♦ Polish historical costume
♦ Classic costume
♦ Western Pleasure


 The purpose of this event is to promote the Arabian horse as performance horses - both for their beauty and racing merit. The program of events comprises the C-Show (ECAHO-affiliated) as well as the Arabian Horse Racing Day. 

at Janów Podlaski Stud 10-11.09.2010

 The final show of the season and - intentionally - the only one held indoors, gathers horses of all age categories. An additional attraction of the Autumn Show are the performance classes, in which horses present themselves under saddle in the following categories:

♦ Dressage
♦ Jumping
♦ Classic Pleasure
♦ Classic costume
♦ Polish historical costume

Performance classes are held separately for mares and geldings and separately for stallions.



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