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Arabian Horse Days are an annual event dedicated to Polish Purebred Arabian Horses organized by the Polish State Studs in Janów Podlaski, Michałów and Białka to honour the Polish Arabian Horse breeding program. This enterprise comprsies two events which which are held each year in August at Janów Podlaski Stud:

♦ the Polish National Arabian Horse Show (since 1979) and
♦ the Pride of Poland Arabian Horse Auction (since 1970)

The Arabian Horse Days are an event unique in many respects, and take great pride in having the longest tradition and being the only enterprise of this kind in the world.

The attention of horse breeders and owners from all over the world is focused during these days on Janów Podlaski Stud, which – just like the Mecca of horse breeding – attracts both frequent visitors and many new guests from abroad. This unique event, which combines the elements of Polish history, tradition and cultural heritage brings together the representatives of the world of politics, business and culture as well as the authorities of the beauty of Arabian horses from the whole Poland. Only during these days in one place and time, a true collection of "crown jewels" from all our studs is to be presented and the effects of work of Polish breeders is to be assessed by experts and customers from all over the world. This is a unique occasion to see with your own eyes how rich the Polish source is, how all the branches of breeding can benefit from it and that it is worth promoting this field as a true national treasure.

The Arabian Horse Days are hosted by the Agricultural Property Agency.

The program of the Arabian Horse Days comprises also events like special shows and other attractions organized for the public, which each year visists Janów Podlaski Stud in great numbers.

The international promotion and services fot the Customers during Arabian Horse Days are provided by Polturf Company.

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